Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I liked you better before I met you

It’s a chilled day at varsity, one of those where you don’t have an assignment due the next day or a test coming up any time soon and your timetable is just perfect, one or two classes then you done for the day.  It’s one of those days for me today.  My friends have class right now so I decide to go to the library to hang out, surf the net and facebook.  I make my way to the library, the first floor, captains, njoli whatever the latest nickname is for this section is.  This section of the library is a playground, a chill spot and a social area where most of the students here pretend to study but in actual fact they’re here to be seen, socialize and just scout for hotties.  Since I want to hang out and just lay back, this is the perfect spot for me right now.  I walk in and welcomed by some smiles judgmental stares, hugs and a variety of other looks and gestures.  I look for a seat on the blue couch, find it, make my way to it and get my little notebook out, get ready to surf and get comfortable on the couch.  I get into my googling and facebook-ing and as I lift my head (for God knows why), Oh gosh!  Here he comes.  Someone shoot me where I’ll die instantly! Please, make it quick!
Guess I should probably tell you who he is right? Well… His this guy that used to be “thee guy” so I thought but he’s actually just another someone that’s human pollution, just a oxygen consumer.  Now here’s the full scoop; this guy, we’ll name him Tom because this is not some cheap gossip and hate blog.  I spotted Tom last year already.  A friend of mine had a crush on him and she would always go gaga when she had seen him.  She run to whoever that was closest to her (which was mostly me, so it felt) and just melt.  I got interested in this guy, like who is this guy that is making this girl melt like this? And I also wanted to see if my friend had taste.  She finally showed me Tom but he was at a distance and you know you can never judge a person’s looks when they at a distance.  People look different when they’re up close as they do when they’re close, same as a photo, one can never judge someone by just seeing them on a picture.  Then luckily he moved closer to our direction and I got a perfect view of the guy, and yup, my friend had taste for days! 
Whenever we (my group of friends and I) saw Tom we’d refer to him as my friends “crush”.  He then started popping up everywhere and I didn’t mind because I enjoyed seeing him around, he was my eye candy.  He started checking me out, which was kind of weird because he was my friends crush but though I would have never admitted to it, I didn’t mind.  Time went by and Tom and I finally met. He asked for my number and without thinking twice I gave it to him. He called, texted the works, we hung out a few times and all was goodies.he was just what I needed, my transport to cloud 52.  One day I decided to actually have a real conversation with Tom, instead of our usual flirtatious fun and jokey chit chats and boy do I kick myself opening that can of worms.  I forgave him for the first real conversation we had, maybe, just maybe that wasn’t really him talking all that rubbish.  He was so cocky, so self absorbed, so irritating and so not “the guy” anymore.   Then he kept on rubbing it in, that nope, that was in actual fact him all along.  I started dodging Tom, not answering his calls and I even came up with an imaginary boyfriend that would appreciate it if he’d back off a little.  He just became this irritation in my life; the mention of his name would turn me off, it still kind of does but not as bad though.  He was so perfect, so right before I met him, really met him.  The picture of him I had painted in my head would have still been as wonderful as the Mona Lisa if I hadn’t initiated a real conversation with him, sad story.
Now when I bump into Tom I keep it short because I won’t be able to cope with a long minute with him.  Now to those of you with Toms I’d advise you to quit while you are still ahead because all those Toms  are almost incapable of changing.

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